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A sustainable future depends on us building a school on land we own.

We have raised $230,000.00 of our $315,000.00  goal.

Since 2014, our teachers have labored in rented and temporary tin huts in an impoverished Mayan area of Guatemala. Here even the children had to work to eat. School was out of the question. Through our persistent efforts, this community now values education and wants their children in the care of our loving staff. We average 75 children plus several parents who attend our school. We have raised $230,000 of the $315,000 needed to buy a 2-acre piece of land (and pay the taxes and legal fees on it) in the community on which to build a permanent facility. Your donations will help us reach our goal. 

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Thank you in advance for your generous support that allows us to make a difference in the lives of the children we serve.

I will help buy the land and build a school

Mission Partners

  • Christ the King Church
    Christ the King Church
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
    Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

    Gastonia, North Carolina

  • Immanuel Lutheran Church
    Immanuel Lutheran Church