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Volunteer Opportunities Available

Everyone loves mission trips. A mission trip gives you the first-hand experience of being on the ground and seeing all that we support and do as a team and community.  But have you ever wondered if there are other ways to volunteer or help? 

Writing "Thank You Notes" to donors, sponsors and supporters is one of our key ways of staying connected and showing our appreciation to those who make our organization possible. You can offer to help write. 

"Hosting a Fundraiser" at your church, gym, activity group, neighborhood get-together, or on a social media platform, are ways to spread the word about the mission of  Matthew 2540 and raise funds at the same time.

Are you fluent in English? (trick question maybe? LOL!) We're always looking for people who would be open to spending a month or two at our school in Chimaltenango, Guatemala  teaching English to the children. 

Check out our "Mission Trip" tab for more information on our upcoming trips. 

Click here for information about volunteer oopportunities!

Mission Partners

  • Christ the King Church
    Christ the King Church
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
    Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

    Gastonia, North Carolina

  • Immanuel Lutheran Church
    Immanuel Lutheran Church