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We're on a mission to raise funds to provide scholarships to impoverished children.


We believe that education is the key to eradicating poverty, ending a culture of dependence and creating citizens who become the economic backbone of their communities.

We believe that Christian values are the key to creating strong families which in turn create strong communities led by ethical leaders.

We believe that working alongside those in need to help them realize their God-given potential is the key to empowering lasting change as we model how to give back and to pay it forward.

We envision a future where options are not limited by lack of access to education.

We provide opportunities through mission trips and experiences, to help build relationships with the children and teachers of our school and their community. We focus on utilizing our teams skills to help remove barriers and obstacles that are in the way of a good education.

Matthew2540 is 501c3 organization. Our EIN # is 47-2329664

Mission Partners

  • Christ the King Church
    Christ the King Church
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
    Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

    Gastonia, North Carolina

  • Immanuel Lutheran Church
    Immanuel Lutheran Church