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Mission Trip Opportunities

Mission trip opportunites

We're looking for people who want to have life-changing impacts while serving others.  Our purpose statement will help you better understand what we're about on a mission trip. We believe that: 

  • Education is the key to eradicating poverty, ending a culture of dependence and creating citizens who become the economic backbone of their communities. 
  • Christian values are the key to creating strong families which in turn create strong communities led by ethical leaders.
  • To effect lasting change, we must work alongside those in need to help them realize their God-given potential. By doing so, we show them how to help their neighbors and give back with increase that which has been given to them. 
  • A future is possible where options are no longer limited by a lack of access to education nor school attendance to those who can afford it. 

15 people served for an amazing week this past May. Click this link to view the daily videos we created. Isenhower team daily mission trip videos

June 2025 Trip info. (You can make a supply fund donation from this link.) 

Amazon wish list for May 2025 mission trip supplies.  Items on this list include books, dental items, sanitary supplies and glasses. Anything purchased from this link can be sent directly to Lynn Isenhower, the trip leader. 

The following books we want to hand to each child coming to the June 2025 mission team's medical clinics. You can purchase them at  For books purchased from this link, you will need to specify this shipping address: Lynn Isenhower, 234 Brookfield Dr., Greenwood, SC 29646. We would like 6 or more copies of each book. Thank you. 

  •  Daniel y los leones                                                                      
  •  El Hombre Prudente y el Hombre Insensato                                                                           
  • Jesus Envia el Espiritu Santo                                                                                       
  • Jesus Lava los Pies a sus Discipulos                                                  
  • Jesus salva al mundo
  • Jesus sana al Ciego Bartimeo                                        
  • Jesus y sus amigos   
  • La Conquista de Jerico 
  • La Historia de Semana Santa                 
  • La torre de Babel                                                                 

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Mission Partners

  • Christ the King Church
    Christ the King Church
  • St. Paul's Lutheran Church Dallas NC
    St. Paul's Lutheran Church Dallas NC
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church
    Immanuel Lutheran Church
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
    Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

    Gastonia, North Carolina

  • Grace Lutheran Church Boone NC
    Grace Lutheran Church Boone NC