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Our primary project is providing support for the Odres Nuevos Escuela, a K5 – 8th grade school serving the community around Odres Nuevos Church in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Your donations are crucial to the ongoing feeding, education, and healthcare of  70 children. We work through a Guatemalan NGO called La Promisa. The chair of their board is Pastor Erika of Odres Nuevos Church. In addition to raising money to support the operations of the school, we go on mission trips to build relationships with the children who attend the school and to lend our expertise in providing supplemental educational opportunities, medical clinics, building community outreach, etc. 

Our success is measured in the number of people we can help with the quality of programs and services we provide. Check out our by the numbers video. 

Mission Partners

  • Christ the King Church
    Christ the King Church
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
    Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

    Gastonia, North Carolina

  • Immanuel Lutheran Church
    Immanuel Lutheran Church