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The 2021 school year is half over

As of mid-June, construction of classrooms by Pastor Erika and her staff on our rented land is progressing nicely. Each grade now has their own learning space. They have also completed construction of a kitchen so that the cooks have a covered place to prepare meals for the students and their families (important as the rainy season is beginning). Pastor Erika continues to provide their families breakfast and lunch daily since so many are still out of work due to Covid restrictions. Our school nurse uses the supplies of medicine and Band-Aids that we sent to treat the children when they are sick or injured. All the teachers put their love for Jesus into practice daily, demonstrating and teaching the children about the love God has for them.  Many of these kids have not seen or felt such love before in their lives. It is gratifying to hear that the children are eager to learn and look forward to coming to school.

Government rules regarding Covid still dictate how many children can be at school at the same time and thus how the school operates. The children that are struggling with learning come each Monday, Wednesday and Friday while those who are learning easily come on Tuesday and Thursday. The first semester  was completed at the end of May so as a treat, the staff took the younger children to an ecological park called Dinojuyu and the older ones to a swimming pool.

For Mother’s Day, each child’s mother was invited to school for a service to learn about God and how to be better moms. Each child made a gift for their mom and together they enjoyed a delicious lunch.

It is our fervent prayer that the work we are doing will be a blessing in the lives of the children so they may become leaders in their community, used by God to help others. As always we are grateful for your support because without monetary resources, none of this would be possible.

Mission Partners

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    Christ the King Church
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    St. Paul's Lutheran Church Dallas NC
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